exploring recipe books from the seventeenth-century

Sources and Reading

For anyone interested in following up what I’m doing with reading of their own here is a list of what sources I’ve found helpful.

(I will keep adding to this post as my research continues). You may not be able to access everything if you are not a member of JSTOR but searching in scholar.google.co.uk is a good option available to everyone. Also, many of the original books from the seventeenth-century are still published today and you can find them quite easily on Amazon.


Original sources:

Robert Burton, The Anatomy on Melancholy (London, 1932)

Nicholas Culpeper, The English Physician (London, 1684)

Edmund Gayton, The Art of Longevity (London, 1659)

Lady Elizabeth Grey, Countess of Kent, A choice manuall, or rare and select secrets in physic and chyrurgery’ (London, 1653)


Academic books and articles:

L Hill Curth, ‘Lessons from the past: preventive medicine in early modern England’, Med Humanities 29 (2003) 16-20. Available at http://bmj-mh.highwire.org/content/29/1/16.abstract

Peter Elmer and Ole Peter Grell (eds.), Health, disease, and society in Europe, 1500-1800: a source book (Manchester, 2004) [annotated source book]

Peter Elmer (ed.), The healing arts: health disease and society in Europe, 1500-1800 (Manchester, 2004) [collection of essays which link with the sources in the book above]

Angus Gowland, ‘The problem of early modern melancholy’, Past and Present 191 (2006)

Michael MacDonald, Mystical Bedlam: madness, anxiety and healing in seventeenth-century England (Cambridge, 1981)

Jennifer Radden, ‘Is this Dame Melancholy? Equating Today’s Depression with past Melancholia’ Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology 10.1 (2003) 37-52. Available at http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/ppp/summary/v010/10.1radden01.html

Jeremy Schmidt, Melancholy and the care of the soul: religion, moral philosophy and madness in early modern England (Aldershot, 2007)








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